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May 21

Special Project Rotten Candy

FAIMTL Special Project: Rotten Candy
Launch of collective zine
May 21
WIP (Work in Progress), 3487 Saint-Laurent
12:30 – 1:30 during the Grande Printed Art Fair

For the 2022 edition of FAIMTL, ARCMTL has commissioned a screenprinted collective zine Rotten Candy, curated and printed by artist Tyrin Kelly of Trap Door Printing.

Rotten Candy is a DIY transmission broadcasting the shifting state of underground scenes due to lack of space and gentrification. It’s bittersweet; sending out the alarm for resurgence while artists continue to make it happen and have fun under pressured circumstances. Rotten Candy is a collaborative effort curated by Trap Door – showcasing artworks by Shogo Okada, Emmanuel Okot (@_emmanuelokot), JG, Hugo Bernier, Andrew Gibson, and Tyrin Kelly.

Tyrin Kelly is an artist, a musician in bands such as Tinkertoy Fog Machine and Crasher, and printmaker based in Montréal, QC. Tyrin’s work references counterculture printing presses of the 70’s, such as The International News and The Black Panther Newspaper, and the underground music scenes he’s been a part of for the last decade.