May 20 - 26

Roots and Wings Anna Jane McIntyre

May 20-26
WIP (Work In Progress) window
3487 Saint-Laurent

Roots & Wings
Anna Jane McIntyre

Roots & Wings is a special project by Montreal artist Anna Jane McIntyre, featuring a flock of relief-printed birds that fly across the window of the FAIMTL / Grande venue, WIP on Saint-Laurent near Milton. Printed on cotton rag paper with watercolour, woodcut and gold leaf, the work references how printmaking & biology gave Anna both roots and wings from which to ground her life-art practice in.

Anna Jane McIntyre is a visual artist-parent with a practice combining shape-shifting, mark-making, thinking, doing, looking, breathing, $5-improv-benevolent-capitalism and microactivism. Anna’s work investigates how people perceive, create and maintain their notions-of-self, belonging and culture through behaviour and visual cues.

Projects may incorporate giant emojis, feminist-foosball-tables, community workshops, parade floats,commercial signage, thinking forests, urban ecology forest-school cahiers prioritising BIPOC kids, time-travelling-soundscapes-mapping-abstract-narratives, Speaker’s corners, love-letter-services and homages-for-the-forgotten.

Anna’s projects are an expression of Afropresentism that combine her cultural influences (Trinidadian,British, adoptive-Canadian) through the juxtaposition of familiar materials in novel contexts. Her work acknowledges the past and present, imagining a surreal dream of what is to come.


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