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May 21

Ex Libris members exhibit

Ex-Libris Atelier Circulaire members exhibit

May 21 finissage
Atelier Circulaire Members Exhibit

April 27 – May 21
5445 de Gaspé #105

Artists : Alexandre Fortin, Élisabeth Eudes-Pascal, Francine Metthé, Françoise Legris, Jean Mailloux, Judith Klugerman, Lucie Palombi, Maurice Murphy, Paule Mainguy, René Donais, Roberto Godoy, Rolande Pelletier, Talleen Hacikyan

Ex-Libris is a Latin term for an artistic vignette glued inside a book. In Europe, the ex-libris became very popular with the birth of printmaking. This vignette took the form of a print mentioning the name of the owner of the book.

With this title, members question the theme of the book, its multiple forms and its many links with the printed arts. Dictionary, novel, essay, zine, poetry compilation, comic book are all examples of sources that can be applied to a wide spectrum of artistic practices.

The book can also be interpreted as a printed object. The cover, the format, the pages, the typography, the binding are all material aspects that can feed formal research and be integrated into your display.